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The Kidsave Sierra Leone Programme (KSLP) is Kidsave’s latest and most innovative project to give orphans permanent family care in Sierra Leone, Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world. Approximately 57% of the population lives on less than $1 a day.
When a bitter civil war erupted in 1991 lasting until 2002, the fabric of life for these families was ripped apart and the tradition of Africans taking in orphans vanished.

Orphanages in Africa, promoted by well-intended individuals, became the traditional method of support for the country’s 2.3 million orphaned children. However, the heart and soul of  Sierra Leone life resides in the family.

The Kidsave Sierra Leone Project is an effort to support Sierra Leoneans in returning to their traditions of embracing and caring for all their African children.


The Ebola Crisis has hit Kidsave. Children and host families have died. More than 140 children registered in the program have lost one or more parents to Ebola. And the families who are hosting children in the rural areas of Kenema and Bo where the virus is rampant have been especially hard hit. Learn More Here

The Kidsave Sierra Leone Programme combines microcredit with hosting to help increase family care in Sierra Leone for African children from local orphanages.

Sierra Leone Family Visit

On the ground Village Care Initiatives (VCI) manages the Kidsave Sierra Leone Program. VCI staff and volunteers adapted The Family Visit Model to local customs – insuring that the tenets of child preparation, family training and child protection were well maintained.

Microcredit for families who are striving to offer permanent family care of children in the program is provided by interested groups of “Kidsave moms”.


“Teach them how to fish… “

Sierra Leone Microcredit ProgramThe Kidsave Sierra Leone Program was created with economic capacity increase in mind as most families cannot afford to take in extra children. Micro loans are given to groups of market women to help them build their businesses. As income grows they can better feed their families, build family income which improves the likelihood that they will be able to take an extra African child. With the loans the women invest in rice, beans, palm oil, groundnut (peanut), maize and vegetables.

Sierra Leone Ministry of Social Welfare




Shed Jah of Village Care Initiatives leads the Kidsave Sierra Leone Programme.

Expanding Our Reach

Training is available for the Kidsave Family Visit Model Protocol adapted to Africa. For more information contact

Kidsave is committed to helping the people of Sierra Leone rebuild family connections and provide orphaned African children with the opportunity to grow up in permanent families. We are hopeful this program will be the inspiration for more hosting programs that lead to permanent family care for orphans throughout Africa.

Please help us in this mission – Donate to Kidsave.

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