Andi is a 15-year-old social butterfly! Her charisma and easy-going attitude make her popular among her peers and in school she is
known for being very smart and funny.

She has good grades and sets clear academic goals. Andi plans to go to college after high school and help other children with similar needs as hers. Andi loves the outdoors and is participating in a program at school called FFA that helps raise sheep, cows, and horses. Andi also enjoys music and playing instruments. Currently, she is learning how to play the guitar and is making significant progress. Her kind and youthful spirit set her apart from others which makes her incredibly mature and socially conscious for her age.

Andi is open to all types of families if they are open and have a good sense of humor like her. She is looking for someone to cheer her on as she graduates from high school and gets one step closer to achieving her dreams. Can you be the family for Andi?

Help Andi find a family, share her Advocacy Flyer.

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