Anthony is smart, polite and always eager to lend a hand. With this kind of personable demeanor, Anthony is always a pleasure to have around. He is quite independent in making his own decisions and can express himself when it comes to his needs and wants. He has reached all his developmental milestones and hopes to one day reach his goal of becoming an astronaut. Academically, Anthony excels in all subject areas. He has great leadership skills and has an active interest in the Student Council. Like most kids his age, Anthony loves playing electronic games and Legos. However, he is also physically active. He likes bike riding and going on outings.

Anthony is working on issues related to his grief and loss through therapeutic services and is making progress. Anthony desires to have a forever family that he can call his own. He will do well in a loving and nurturing family that can support him to reach his full potential. Anthony does have some contact with his birth father and would like to continue to have occasional phone calls or letter exchanges as appropriate. This is something he is firm about, so any family looking to adopt Anthony would need to honor this. Anthony realizes that he could never return home and truly wants to be adopted, but he still wants a connection to his birth family even after the adoption.

Click here to watch Anthony’s interview with Fox 11 Wednesday’s Child as he channels his inner Lionel Messi with the American Youth Soccer Organization.

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