Kidsave Weekend Miracles alumna, Ivy, graduates from high school—with even bigger plans ahead. 


When kids go through the foster care system, it is a huge accomplishment to graduate from high school. Many would stop after accomplishing this goal. But Ivy, a Kidsave Weekend Miracles alumna, isn’t done yet.

Ivy graduated from Bowman High School in Santa Clarita, CA in late May. She plans to attend Pasadena City College in the fall with a major in psychology or sociology. After she completes her degree at PCC, she hopes to transfer to California State University, Northridge to pursue a master’s degree.

After meeting through Kidsave’s Weekend Miracles program, Ivy moved in with Cathy, who she refers to as her second mom. They have been living together for three years. Cathy has been by Ivy’s side supporting her along the road to graduation—pushing her to stretch herself, keeping her up to date with deadlines for homework, and waking her up in the morning for school after long late-night shifts at work.< Now that she has graduated, Ivy describes finishing high school as the "best feeling in the world!" But the journey wasn't easy.

“My greatest obstacle for graduating was my attendance and also my focus. I overcame this with a lot of help from others, but the majority came from Cathy,” said Ivy. “I know she has her best intentions for me.”


We are so proud of Ivy’s hard work and thankful for Cathy’s dedication in helping Ivy to succeed. Congratulations, Ivy! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish going forward.


Congratulations, Ivy!

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