Children returning home after two years wore sad faces as the memory of losing their parents to Ebola overwhelmed them.


Yet aunts and grannies wept for joy as they welcomed the children home. Most believed the children were gone for good – never knowing they were only a few hours away.


It’s a tragedy that some orphanage directors use these children as a source of fundraising. As a result, some of these children have been waiting for years in institutions that are located a mere two to three hours away from their villages. No one had stepped in to help.


The Kidsave Sierra Leone program has reunited 23 children with their extended families last month. We are in the process of reuniting 65 more children in orphanages with families. Yet thousands more are waiting.


Please help us help more children.

It costs $935 to move one child out of an orphanage and into a family in Sierra Leone. Please help.