Together with One Hope, a non-profit that develops mentoring for orphans in Ukraine, Kidsave provides Training of Trainers (TOT) on Financial Literacy, Workforce Readiness and Corporate Mentoring for at-risk youth. Two three-day trainings will be held in Kiev and Lvov.

On February 1, we had 24 people from 13 organizations representing four cities. We expect 35 people from five other cities to attend our TOT training in Lvov.

During the first day of training we learned about financial market in Ukraine and presented the Financial Literacy project that Kidsave developed in Russia.
Alexandra Andrievskih, Kidsave Russia Mentoring Manager, in lively, engaging and professional manner presented participants first three lessons of the training. The group was very diverse, representing local non-profits, Christian communities and private foundations. Speaking about financial topics, that are considered to be challenging and complicated for youth’s understanding, Alexandra used various interactive training techniques to present information in the most comprehensible way. Participants were engaged in warm-up exercises, role plays, games, group work and small group presentations. At the end of first day we received amazing feedback. Our participants were saying that they had exciting day where they learned how to converse simply about difficult things with kids.



Some feedback from the trainers who participated are as follows:

“I’ve been very skeptical about this training because I didn’t believe that kids would understand this kind of information. Today I had to put myself in kids’ shoes and it wasn’t scary at all. I was interested and felt comfortable talking about stuff like money, banks, revenue and expenses. I know that I can teach kids now…”

“The atmosphere of the training was warm, comfortable and friendly. We’ve played and learned, and became friends in the process.”

“The information is so thought-through and well-structured that it is easy to understand and absorb. This project is great addition to what we do in our work with children. I know I will start using it right away.”

“Today our team continues with financial literacy training, and tomorrow we will talk about Family Visit, Corporate Mentoring and Fundraising.”