Cierra currently has a host family but is still looking for an adoptive family with her brother, Anthony.

Cierra, age 13, is a joyful girl packed with a confident personality. She is widely talented both in and out of school. Her favorite subject is social studies and she is fascinated with learning about early civilizations and ancient times. Cierra is also a serious athlete. She loves swimming and is currently on the volleyball team!

At home, Cierra loves helping her foster parent with cooking and considers Cambodian food to be her absolute favorite. While she is very social and confident, she also doesn’t mind spending a day at home with herself and with those she considers close to her. A great day for her would include a visit to Hometown Buffet, petting pit bulls, then staying home to watch a movie and chat with her friends or her younger brother Anthony.

Anthony is a fun-loving 7 year old boy who always has the silliest answers to any question. He loves playing video games, but most of all he loves going to school. In fact, his wish is to grow up to become a teacher as he considers teachers to be among the most fun people he knows – maybe almost as fun as Cierra.

Anthony is very close to Cierra, and the siblings would like to find a family that is open to adopting both of them. They say that they are open to different kinds of family, so long as it is a kind family.

Could you be the family for Cierra and Anthony?

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