Looking for community service ideas?

Ways you can help older orphans and youth? Ways to start giving back? Start a Kidsave Program in your community! Kidsave’s programs are available for replication.


Organize a Summer Miracles Program in your Community


Community Service Idea #1 – You can organize a Summer Miracles community and bring a group of orphans to the United States to stay with families and find adoptive families. This is a great program for churches and community organizations.
Learn More About Summer Miracles

For more information about expanding Summer Miracles contact
Bevin Kloepper, bevink@kidsave.org, 310-642-7283.

Organize a Weekend Miracles Program in your Community


Community Service Idea #2 – If you are interested in helping foster youth, you can share information about our Weekend Miracles program with your city or county department of child and family services. If you work in child welfare, Kidsave will be happy to discuss doing an orientation training with your managers or workers. Learn how advocacy for older youth can increase placements.
Learn More About Weekend Miracles

For more information about Weekend Miracles contact
Randi Thompson, randi@kidsave.org, 310-642-7283.

If you want to help overseas orphans – we are looking for you!


Community Service Idea #3 – We are actively seeking to train governments and organizations interested in moving institutionalized children in Africa, Latin America and Colombia into family care.

For Africa, contact Terry Baugh,terry@kidsave.org,202-503-3111.

For Eastern Europe contact Tatianna Stafford, tatianna@kidsave.org, 1 (310) 929 5576

In Latin America contact Martha Segura, marthae@kidsave.org.co.