Fyodor has an enchanting smile, and a somewhat bashful glance. He is intelligent, and compassionate.


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Since he was 2, Fyodor has lived in an orphanage in the city of Odintsovo – he is now 15-years-old. All of the orphanage personnel love him, and his peers greatly respect him.

“There are moments at this job when we are just at a loss for words, and there’s no use pretending otherwise, and there’s so much emotion,” deplore the caretakers, “that’s when Fyodor takes the situation into his own hands. Then the conflict resolves easily and simply for everyone.”


Sometimes it seems that there is nothing that doesn’t spark Fyodor’s interest. He loves music, fencing, books…

Fyodor finished music school with straight A’s, and plays the guitar and piano beautifully.

After 9th grade, Fyodor enrolled in the “Theatrical Art and Technical College,” where he will continue to pursue his dream of becoming a sound engineer.

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To help Fyodor’s dream come true, Kidsave and Childhood’s Keepers helped him find an internship at the Russian State-wide Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

The television staff welcomed the teenager with open arms. They gave him a tour of the many studios, showed him his future desk, and introduced him to his mentor.

“I couldn’t even dream of something like this!” Fyodor exclaimed, unable to hide his excitement.


After a few days, and a short training session with his mentor, Fyodor felt confident behind the sound engineer’s controllers.

Fyodor’s mentor Denis characterized the boy as capable and curious kid. “Fyodor has all the qualities needed for a sound engineer – he’s responsible, disciplined, quick to react, has perfect pitch, and a great memory. Once he finishes school, this great experience at our Company will help him get closer to his dream, and he can return to work on television.”


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