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Abigail and Kayla – Ages 11 & 13

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Abigail is a sweet 11-year-old girl that loves to play with Barbies and role Play. She dreams of going to Mickey Mouse’s World at Disneyland. Her favorite princess is Ariel because she is an explorer. Abigail is artistic and loves dancing, singing and writing, and reciting poems. She is characterized for having a beautiful voice, and she is in the choir of her institution. Abigail also enjoys playing basketball and running.

Kayla, age 13, is also a talented girl. She loves to sing and read. Kayla is a leader in her group. In her free time, she likes to read and play with her sister. She also enjoys building things and coloring. Kayla is a sociable girl that can easily make new friends.

Both girls dream of having a forever family together.