Project Description

Alani- Age 13

Meet 13-year-old Alani! She can be adventurous, she can be funny, and she can be silly at times, as she has a friendly and bubbly personality! Alani is like most girls her age; she likes spending time on social media with her friends, or just playing video games on her phone.

During the weekend you can find Alani listening to and dancing to her favorite music and is considering being a rapper when she gets older. Alani can be more low-key and like to watch movies on TV and draw. She is a VERY good drawer. She takes pride in her appearance and like teens her age, clothes and make-up are gaining importance in her life so of course, she loves to shop. She likes lots of types of food and enjoys eating out, but her absolute favorite food is ‘Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Alani attends a non-public school and is doing well. She enjoys school and is particularly interested in her science class. Alani hopes to attend college one day.

Alani has had a rough time and services are in place to help her work on understanding the trauma she has experienced. She is working on how to react to that trauma in a safe and healthy manner. She is making progress in learning how to self-regulate her behavior and improve her socialization and communication skills.

Alani is looking for a host family or an adoptive family.

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