Project Description

Alex – Age 13

Forever Family Found

Alex is a noble, easygoing, and respectful 13-year-old kid. He is the type of person who gets along with everyone, no matter what age. Alex is a wonderfully loving child that loves to joke around! He is a humorous and extroverted teenager! He loves to laugh and have fun and can make everyday things into funny jokes! He is very energetic and loves to play sports.

His favorite sport is soccer! He is also a rock-star soccer player, especially while playing his favorite position – forward. Soccer is one of his best ways to make new friends! He also loves to play games and watch movies. His favorite music is bachata and vallenato, and he loves music!

He is looking forward to knowing more about America and learning about a new country. He thoroughly enjoyed going to his first soccer game in America! He is excited to see how it is different from Colombia. He loves to watch action movies and can’t wait to do countless more activities with his dream family.

Alex is looking for a forever family who will love and support him throughout his life. Are you his forever family?