Project Description

Alexa – Age 16

Alexa, age 16, is a wonderful young woman. She is athletic, has played soccer and is currently playing softball. She appreciates nature, although she is not sure about hiking.

She loves clothes and likes to go thrifting. Alexa is artistic and enjoys photography- both digital and print. Alexa has amazing taste in music and enjoys sharing her interests in music with others. Alexa also enjoys poetry. She likes to cook, and makes Asian food like egg rolls and spicy noodles. She says that she is a picky eater.

Alexa wants a family who is not judgmental, is open-minded and likes to try new things. She hopes they understand her need to get comfortable and have her own space. Her dream family accepts other’s points of view and will listen to her own thoughts and ideas. Alexa is a good student with a 3.8 gpa, although she doesn’t like school and prefers to work from home. She is very independent, and keeps to herself when she is at school.

She has not decided on a career yet because she is still exploring her options, but would like to study in Canada because she loves cold weather.

Alexa is looking for a host family.

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