Project Description

Alina- Age 14

Alina is in a potential adoptive match.

Alina, age 14, is a young teen in foster care with a loyal heart and a great sense of adventure. She’s experienced much during her time in foster care, and despite the challenges she’s had to contend with while in the child welfare system, she continues to have a spirit of hope that there is a family out there for her.

Alina is very warm, friendly, enthusiastic, and engaging. She loves to explore and experience new activities and she also has a wonderful sense of humor which makes her very fun to be around and to have light conversation with . She loves outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, camping, fishing, going to the amusement parks and playing sports. In artistic realms, she enjoys photography, music, dancing Zumba and no surprise here – she loves comedy. Alina hasn’t decided on what she might want to pursue when she grows up. Given her enthusiastic nature, it’ll likely be an infusion of all her interests.

In regard to finding a forever family, Alina has experienced disappointments so naturally, she can be apprehensive about the family finding process at times. What Alina hopes for in a family are opportunities for her to grow and find her center, people to treat her with dignity, a family to have lots of laughter with , love and commensurate loyalty with each other. Alina is still dealing with her past trauma so she needs a patient family that can help her learn to trust, catch up academically, and address some emotional and behavioral challenges.

Alina was born in 2006 and is of Latinx heritage. She is looking for a host family or an adoptive family.

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