Project Description

Amelia – Age 10

Amelia has found her Forever Family!

Amelia is a super sweet 10-year-old who, although initially shy, quickly warms up to you. Easygoing with a fun-loving nature, Amelia has a rambunctious spirit and loves riding her scooter and telling jokes. One of her favorite phrases these days is “tell me a joke, make me laugh!” So, if you’re proud of your sense of humor, she’d love to share a laugh with you. A true fashionista, she also has a love for glitter, ruffles, and playing dress-up!

When Amelia’s not sharpening her comedy skills or scootering around, she enjoys a day at the beach. Her confidence really shines whenever she has the opportunity to swim and be near water. A picnic on the beach would likely make her happy, especially if you bring grapes (she loves them) and leave the ketchup (not her favorite).

She dreams of having a forever family and would love to have siblings.