Project Description

Anabelle – Age 12

Anabelle has found a Host.

Anabelle is an empathetic and caring 12-year-old girl. She has excellent social skills and can get along with anybody, from children her own age to the adults in her life. In her peer group, Anabelle tends to be the leader, and the adults in her life clearly see that she has a positive influence on kids her age and younger. When Anabelle makes a mistake, she acknowledges it, is genuinely sorry, and uses the situation for an intentional improvement of character.

At school, she is continuously growing. She has a special interest in dance, singing, and sports. She likes to lead choreography and perform with her peers and classmates. One of her strategies for emotional regulation is through music and singing!

Anabelle is a girly girl and likes to get dolled up. She loves to accessorize with earrings and necklaces. She also enjoys going shopping. Additionally, she likes to participate in physical activities such as skating, swimming, and judo.

When asked about her future, Anabelle states that she dreams of becoming a singer or a dancer. She is aware that she has to focus on her studies for this dream to come true, and she is committed to school.

Anabelle is looking for a forever family of a single mom who will sing through life with her! Are you her forever family?

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