Project Description

Angel – Age 12

Angel is in a Prospective Match.

Angel is a very likeable 12-year-old looking for a host family or an adoptive family. He is smart and gets along well with adults.

He is doing well at home, and he is healthy. His favorite activity is swimming. If he has his way, he would stay at the pool at home all day. He also enjoys going to the movies and getting his favorite tacos from the local taco truck. Angel also loves Anime shows and has been watching a series called “Hunter and Hunter.” During this past summer, he had his first camping trip for a week. After he had a taste of the outdoors and the fun of camping, he hopes to go again- he just loved it! He made many new friends and had a lot of fun.

Angel has expressed his desire to become a police officer when he grows up. If that doesn’t happen, his back-up plan is to become a Math Scientist! Angel was born in 2007 and is of Hispanic descent. He maintains contact with his siblings and hopes that his forever family will support those relationships. Most importantly, he hopes that his family will be part of his life journey and build a lifetime of memories together.

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