Project Description

Anthony – Age 14

Anthony is a 14-year-old boy with fantastic relationships with the people around him. He is quiet, well-behaved, organized, and loves going to school.

Anthony asks for permission before using something that does not belong to him and is very respectful. When asked to describe him in three words, the people that know him best say he is sweet, friendly, and kind. Anthony describes himself as kind, nice, and a helper.

Anthony is currently in 5th grade, and his favorite subject is math; he does not like Spanish class. He watches TV, plays with his friends, and practices sports such as basketball in his free time. One fun memory he has is whale watching!

Anthony is open to any family; he just wants to be welcomed into a safe and loving environment. His birthday wish this year is to find a forever family; it has been his wish for a while now. Are you his forever family?