Project Description

Antwann, Artavius and Anthoney – Ages 7, 9 and 10

Antwann, Artavius , and Anthoney are looking for a Host and Adoptive Family.

Antwann’s  smile brightens when he sees his brothers. Antwann, age 7, is outgoing and enjoys being around other children. Antwann is sweet and loves playing with his hot wheels. Antwann loves to be around his brothers and loves to play with his toys.

Artavius, age 9, is smart and energetic and enjoys watching Sonic the Hedge Hog and Mario. Artavius enjoys playing with his own toys and typically does not want to share them. Artavius likes to be respected and wants others to ask to play with his toys. Artavius is good at giving instructions and directing his younger siblings.

Anthoney, age 10, is the most caring, loving, and observant of his brothers. Anthoney is also equally strong-willed and passionate about doing only what he wants to do when he has decided to do it. Anthoney enjoys watching Mario, and his favorite character currently is Mario. Anthoney appears to be more in tune with other feelings at times. Anthoney has a good relationship with his siblings and enjoys spending time with them. Anthoney enjoys laughing with his siblings and throwing the ball with them.

Artavius, Anthoney, and Antwann get along well together. They enjoy sharing toys with one another and going outside throwing the football. The boys like to joke with one another as well as watch television together. They like to go to their favorite restaurants together and enjoy their favorite meals.

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