Project Description

Azhanique, Cameron, Lhyric, Princess – Ages 14, 12, 7, 2

Azhanique, age 14, is a beautiful girl, who is friendly and articulate. She is respectful of her peers at home and in school. Like many teens her age, she enjoys being on social media with her friends and playing games on her smart phone. She has recently developed an interest in sports, especially watching the basketball games. She has also signed up to be a cheerleader at school and has learned to enjoy reading for pleasure and for academic purpose.

Cameron, age 12, is a smart and respectful boy. He can be a little bit shy and quiet, but will open up once he gets to know the person better. He enjoys playing sports and has recently signed up to be on the school football team. He enjoys a good meal and some of his favorite things are tacos, hot wings and fish. During his down times, he enjoys playing video games and watching his favorite shows on TV. He also enjoys going on outings. He likes going to school and is doing well academically.

Lhyric, age 7, is a friendly and social little girl, who carries a beautiful smile. She enjoys playing with her friends. When she’s done with homework, she likes to play video games and watch her favorite shows on TV. She tends to be quiet when she is doing something she enjoys; such as drawing and coloring. She is very imaginative and often writes short stories to express herself.

Princess, age 2, is a sweet toddler whose beautiful smile can warm anyone’s heart. She looks forward to going to the daycare where she can play with other children. She gets along well with her little friends. She’s very verbal and already knows her ABC’s. She also knows the basic numbers and colors. Princess is very smart and is already trying to build things with blocks or LEGOs. She can be very focus and observant. She is a good eater and is in good health.

Azhanique was born in 2005, Cameron in 2007, Lhyric in 2012 and Princess in 2017. They are a close-knit sibling set and enjoy each other’s company. They maintain contacts with family members and will greatly benefit from having a forever family that will be supportive of their continued relationships.

These siblings are looking for host families and adoptive families.

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