Project Description

Becky  – Age 13

Becky is in a Potential Adoptive Match.

Becky is a 13-year-old who’s a bit shy and has a gentle soul. She’s artistic and loves to draw, often pulling inspiration from her favorite shows and movies on Netflix. As an introvert, she cherishes her alone time.

Becky struggles with school as she does not find it to be enjoyable. She receives tutoring services as a source of support. Becky is resilient, though, and has a heart of gold. Her dream is to find a forever home that will provide safety for her. Becky would like to travel someday and enjoy food from different parts of the world.

Becky is eager to be part of a family where she can thrive and grow. She’s sweet, loving, and knows she has a lot of potential. If you are interested in learning more about her, please let us know. We’re ready to match Becky with her forever family!

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