Project Description

Blaze – Age 13

Blaze is an intelligent, well-behaved 13-year old boy who is in the 6th grade. He is known for being a good friend. He enjoys sports, and plays soccer and basketball. Blaze loves music and would like to learn to play the guitar. He dreams of going to the snow and learning to ski. Blaze also wants to go to the beach and play in the waves.

Blaze’s favorite food is lentils; he does not like beets. He feels that having a forever family will give him the opportunity to share with other people and give them love. Blaze likes to help his foster mother with the household chores. He also likes to dress well and is considered very good looking. He dreams with visiting United States, Spain and France because he enjoys traveling and meeting new people. Blaze is open to the idea of having two mothers.