Project Description

Charlie – Age 12

Charlie is a caring and loving 12-year-old boy. Due to his outgoing personality, he gets along with everyone, from the children in his peer group to the adults that take care of him. In addition to being an outgoing, people person, he is described as self-sufficient and independent. Charlie also has the ability to adapt to changes and blend effortlessly into any situation. You will always find him in a good mood and smiling.

Charlie enjoys walking outside and feels his best self when he is surrounded by animals, grass, and trees. He is a true nature lover!  Charlie is a talented artist; he likes music, painting, and dancing. He has a wide variety of interests and with his skills. When he is older, Charlie would like to one day be a policeman and a soccer player.

Charlie is looking for his forever family to support him throughout his life! Are you his forever family?

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