Project Description

Chloe and Scarlett – Ages 12 and 9

Chloe and Scarlett have found their Forever Family!

Chloe is extroverted and a very smart 12-year-old girl. She loves to draw, ride her bike, and run! She also likes spending time with her friends. She has a dream of being a doctor one day so that she can help people, and is already working hard in school to prepare. Although she is highly independent, she is also very caring for her sister and expresses that she is looking forward to having parents that will love them.

Scarlett is a sweet and lovely 9-year-old girl. She is very active and loves to spend time wither friends and play soccer. She likes to play with dolls, especially along with her sister. Scarlett is also very talkative and loves to tell people about how much she loves her siblings.

These two lovely siblings need a family who can welcome them in and show them love.