Project Description

Clara and Gemma – Ages 14 & 16

Clara and Gemma will be in Southern California.

Clara is a happy, outgoing 14-year-old girl. She loves to dance and roller skate by herself or with her friends. When Clara thinks about her future, she imagines herself as a professional runway model. Clara loves to go outside for walks and shop for clothes and school supplies. She would like to have an outgoing family that helps her explore her potential as someone in the fashion industry.

Gemma is a 16-year-old child who spends her free time dancing and playing basketball. She loves going to school and is always eager to participate in classes, meet new friends and impress new teachers. She loves to learn and has a knack for curiosity. Gemma feels comfortable in new environments and is not afraid to experience new things when she is with her sister, Clara. She dreams of life as a secretary in an office.

Clara and Gemma are looking for a forever family with whom they can celebrate their birthdays and life accomplishments. Are you their forever family?

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