Project Description

Connor – Age 12

Connor is a 12-year-old energetic outgoing boy who loves outdoor activities. He is very disciplined with personal hygiene: making his bed every morning, cleaning his room, and folding his own clothes. He also loves to help with household chores.

Connor’s favorite activities are soccer, bicycling, and outdoor games such as corn hole and water activities. He loves family time. He is very loving, thoughtful and craves attention. Connor loves dogs and cats, as well as playing with other children.

Connor doesn’t let his hearing impairment get in his way. Though he does have a hearing impairment, he is also very bright and perceptive. He can be sensitive at times but is quick witted and has a great sense of humor. He loves hugs, prayers before meals and bedtime. He loved attending Vacation Bible School where he was the center of attention with an attendance of 700 children. Religion and Math are his favorite subjects. He captures everyone’s heart who meets him.

He traveled to the US last summer and hopes this winter he will find the perfect family to enjoy him and all the smiles and affection he has to offer.