Project Description

Connor and Joe – Ages 14 & 6

Connor is an intelligent 14-year-old who loves math and English classes. He’s spontaneous, adventurous, and dreams of traveling to Barcelona! Barcelona is his dream destination because of his love for their soccer teams. Soccer is Connor’s favorite sport, and he would like to be a professional soccer player when he grows up! Connor is shy, but once he feels confident, he’s very friendly and loves having conversations with others. Connor dreams of being part of a family together with his younger brother.

Joe is 6 years old and loves the outdoors! He’s very active and enjoys playing in the park and playing soccer with his older brother. When he’s not running around with his brother, he likes to play board games. Ask him what his favorites are! Joe is described as a sweet boy who is always willing to help. He and his brother have a strong bond, and Joe sees his older brother as a role model.