Project Description

Dakota and Anna – Ages 14 & 11

Dakota is a cheerful, outgoing, and spontaneous 14-year-old. She’s vivacious and loves to sing, dance, and laugh with her friends. She loves being creative, which is why her favorite subject is English, and her favorite hobby is painting! Blue, green, black, and white are her favorite colors, and she paints with all of them. When she’s not painting, writing, or reading, she’s like watching a documentary or soap opera.
Dakota loves Korean soap operas and animal documentaries! She enjoys learning about new cultures and has big dreams for her future. One day, she hopes to be either a teacher, doctor, psychologist, or owner of her own beauty salon. Dakota’s little sister describes her as patient, loving, and respectful.

Anna is a tender, friendly, and sporty 11-year-old. When you first meet Anna, she can be shy but quickly gains confidence and allows herself to express her thoughts and curiosity. Anna’s favorite activities are playing basketball, catch, jumping rope, painting, drawing, reading, and making cards. Anna is in fourth grade, and her favorite subjects are mathematics and art. She loves animals – dolphins are her favorite – and one of her dreams is to be a veterinarian when she grows up!