Project Description

Daniel and Eli – Ages 14 & 12

Daniel is a 14-year-old boy who loves soccer and drawing. He is very talented and dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. His favorite subject in school is English and he is working hard to learn the language. He is a very sociable, caring boy who likes to help others. Daniel has a close relationship with his brother and respects him. He describes himself as a sensible, friendly, and loving person.

Eli is a 12-year-old boy and is currently in 7th grade. His favorite subjects are PE, technology, and art. He also enjoys music and loves to be part of his school band. Eli loves soccer and plays in a team in his hometown and in an academy. He dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. Eli also likes to cook and his best dish is buñuelos. He says that when he grows up he also wants to be a supporter of people who need him, and he would like to have a foundation.

Daniel and Eli both admire each other and mention that even though they had hard times together they will never give up their love. They are looking for a forever home and are open to any type of family!