Project Description

Danielle – Age 14

Danielle is looking for a Host and Adoptive Family.

Meet Danielle, our girl with a dragon…passion! Danielle is friendly and likes to engage in interesting discussions – and she has been known to not only draw dragons but also fold origami dragons and gift them to friends!

She is a sweet girl that enjoys reading the “Wings of Fire” series and fan-fiction about the game “Undertale”. In addition to dragons, Danielle also likes to sketch Sans, her favorite character from the game. She enjoys swimming and going to places where she can safely go for long rides on her bike. Her favorite foods include spaghetti, California rolls, and milkshakes.

Danielle wants to be a part of a family and is open to all different constellations. One crucial factor for Danielle is that her future adoptive family is supportive of her maintaining contact with some of her relatives, including her younger siblings. Beyond that, Danielle says she ideally would like to have her own room and thinks it would be cool if diverse music is played in the home. And with her interest in learning more about reptiles, Danielle believes it would be neat to be part of a family that is open to a pet reptile of some sort – but not having a bearded dragon is not a deal-breaker for her!

If you can see your family playing vital roles in Danielle’s future by drawing her into your fold, let us know!

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