Project Description

Danny – Age 15

Danny is in a potential adoptive match.

Meet Danny! At age 15, he considers himself an “outdoorsman” who loves camping and spending time in nature. Danny’s fascination with nature and animals led him to buy his pet bearded dragon, whom he loves!

Danny says he does not like to spend his time just playing video games, and would much rather be social and active. Danny loves skateboarding and soccer and would like to continue these sports. Danny is also learning to play the ukulele. Danny is religious and is connected to a church that he would like to continue attending.

He receives mental health services and is progressing in his treatment goals. Danny is also working hard on improving his grades and is making great progress. When thinking of his future, Danny’s dream would be to become a professional soccer player. However, Danny has many career paths that he would like to explore, including joining the US Marines or going into the Construction field.

With the right family by his side, the possibilities for Danny’s future are endless! If you think your family may make a dandy fit for Danny, boy do we want to hear from you.

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