Project Description

Darleesia – Age 14

Darleesia is a 14-year-old young lady who is a self-described girly girl. She is very polite and typically responds with “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am”.

She likes singing and dancing along to Disney, gospel, and pop songs, especially Newsboys and Bruno Mars. She also enjoys watching a wide variety of shows and movies like Vampire Diaries and Frozen. Her hobbies include coloring, drawing, arts and crafts, and puzzles. She also likes dressing up and getting her hair and nails done. Darleesia loves animals and dreams of having her own small dog or cat. She enjoys attending church and going out to eat.

While Darlessia tends to be soft-spoken and shy at first, she does open up over time. She has aspirations of being a police officer when she is older. Darleesia enjoys school, and she says her favorite subject is science. She thrives in an educational setting where she can receive support services to help her stay on track with her peers. Darleesia has two brothers with whom she shares a close bond, and it is important that this relationship continue to be supported.

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