Project Description

Declan and Rhiannon – Ages 16 and 17

Declan and Rhiannon are looking for an Adoptive Family.

Declan, age 16, likes playing video games, hanging out with friends, and going on outings. Particularly, he enjoys going window shopping and taking walks around, observing all the different things he passes and enjoying the moment. He appreciates trying all different kinds of food.

Rhiannon, age 17, loves animals. She wants to go to college to become a vet. She loves reading, coloring, going on outings, listening to music, and being in nature. Rhiannon used to live in the mountains and has fond memories of being outside a lot with the wildflowers. She likes using her tablet to listen to music, play video games, watch videos etc. Rhiannon is personable and talkative. Her favorite foods are hamburgers and fries. Rhiannon is a great sister and it is important for her to stay close with her brother, as well as for her to maintain phone contact with her grandmother in Florida.