Project Description

Delilah – Age 11

Adoptive Family Found

Delilah is a calm, affectionate girl who is in the 4th grade and gets good grades but could use some help to improve her study habits. She willingly asks for help in solving problems.

She would like to become a flight attendant and travel around the world. Delilah likes to be surrounded by adults and is a very loving, emotionally stable girl. She seeks guidance from adults and is a good listener. She likes to draw, paint and color. Her favorite subject in school is music, and she loves to go to the movies. Delilah goes to church on Sundays. She really wants to learn to speak English.

She says that if she had a family, she hopes they would help her with her studies, take her to school, play with her, and love her a lot. Delilah dreams of having a forever family with a mom and a dad.

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