Project Description

Destiny – Age 16

Destiny is an amazing  young lady who is quite artistic. She loves to paint and draw and finds art as a great coping mechanism that helps her when she is feeling down. Destiny is also pretty creative in the kitchen. She likes to cook (Mexican food in particular) for others and then will ask for opinions to improve her cooking skills.

Destiny is a strong advocate for herself and will let you know when she feels something is unfair. She’s been described by others as a “great communicator” who is very responsible about staying in touch while she is out. Destiny describes herself as a “talker” and says that when she is feeling good, she likes to connect with people and be around people. When she is feeling down she tends to keep to herself, and may not keep her room clean.

Destiny will benefit from being in a home that will love and support her through her ups and downs. She looks forward to fun times where she can just “feel like a teenager”, and in particular is looking forward to a day where she would be able to join her forever family on family trips to events such as an Angels baseball game or to an amusement park.