Project Description

Destiny – Age 15

Destiny is looking for a Host only.

As you can probably tell by her picture, Destiny has a dynamic smile! Destiny is funny, playful, social, and has conviction. She enjoys fashion and is considering pursuing a career in the field of fashion when she grows up. For now, she likes to go to the mall and shop for clothes and shoes. Destiny isn’t going to put all her “shoes” in one basket, though — she says she also would like to become a nurse when she is older.

Future careers aside, and in line with the fun-loving kid she is, Destiny likes going to the park to play on the playground equipment (the swings, in particular). Destiny also loves playing on her iPad and playing the video game Roblox. Academically, Destiny benefits from support and assistance to help her be the best student she can be.

Destiny looks forward to being part of a family where she will get the individual attention she craves and the support she needs. She has connections in the Los Angeles area, and we are looking for a Southern California family that will support these connections. If you can see yourself being part of Destiny’s destiny as her adoptive family, please let us know. We want to help ensure Destiny’s smile is long-lasting as she makes her way in the world with the love and support of an adoptive family!

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