Project Description

Dilan – Age 12

Dilan has found a Host.

Dilan is an honest and well-behaved 12-year-old boy who is also spontaneous and outgoing. As the leader in his peer groups, it is easy for him to take the initiative and participate in social activities. Dilan gets along with everyone, including adults and kids younger than him. He has a peaceful nature which makes it easy for him to make new friends. Dilan is an empathetic child and is always willing to help those in need.

Dilan is an active child who likes to play soccer, volleyball, basketball. He is also a very talented roller skater! When he grows up, Dilan wants to be a singer and study music. He also has an interest in becoming a professional skater. It’s also important to note that Dilan wants to travel the world so he can learn about cultures and languages.

Dilan prays every night for a forever family. Is that family yours?

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