Project Description

Ellie – Age 10

Ellie will be in Washington State.

Ellie is a 10-year-old girl who’s currently in the third grade! She loves learning every day, especially through role-play, mathematical games, sports, etc.

Her favorite foods are beets and beans, and she is most happy when playing outdoors, dancing to music, skating, or playing basketball! For Ellie, a perfect day is when she has the opportunity to go to the park, make group drawings, and discover new songs to sing and dance to. She also has a lot of fun when she has a birthday party or other special celebration. Those who know her recognize her as a spontaneous girl with a lot of energy who enjoys playing and being happy with her peers.

Ellie would love to find a forever family that can love her for who she is and is open to a single mom or mom and dad!

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