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E’mari – Age 11

E’mari is looking for a Host Family only.

Meet this sweet girl named E’mari. She is an 11-year-old girl who always gives others a big and warm smile. E’mari has a lot of habits outside of class, including watching TV, playing outside, riding her scooter, and drawing. And she would love to make those habits together with her peers. E’mari enjoys going to school and being able to socialize with her friends. She has also maintained visitation with her birth family and participates in Wraparound Services to address grief and loss issues.

Her favorite foods are seafood (crab is the bomb in E’mari’s eyes!), corn, potatoes, broccoli, and Hot Cheetos or other spicy snacks. She is always excited to try new recipes and share those delicious dishes with her friends. This sweet little girl is also a dog fan; she likes to take a walk after dinner and say hi to cute puppies she met on the street.

E’mari has a very active imagination; she shares creative stories about this ordinary world that people are excited to hear. However, on some occasions, that can get carried away and sometimes lead to trouble. She is still learning to use coping skills learned in therapy and benefits from structured settings with firm boundaries.

Please let us know if you can imagine E’mari as part of your family. We hope to see E’mari’s vibrant personality and true colors shine through within the setting of her future adoptive family.

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