Project Description

Fatima – Age 15

Fatima is in a potential adoptive match.

Fatima, 15-years-old, is a very insightful teenager. She expresses her thoughts and feelings verbally and through journaling every day.

If she’s not journaling, she’s drawing, sketching, or listening to music. Her favorite music genre is Latin rap. Dancing and writing her own rap lyrics lightens her spirit. Fatima describes herself as nice, friendly, and romantic at heart. She’s into watching movies; especially romantic movies, with happy-ever-after endings.

Fatima has many aspirations and goals. Her top two are attending college and becoming a doctor. She said “she wants to be a doctor so she can help people”. Fatima realizes that she needs help reaching her goals, and she’s hopeful that an adoptive family will help.

Fatima is looking for a host family or an adoptive family.

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