Project Description

Felipe – Age 13

Meet Felipe! He is a very kind and affectionate 13-year-old. Felipe is also very friendly and easy going. He enjoys engaging in conversations on just about any subject and gets along well with everyone in almost every setting. Felipe can entertain himself by playing with his toys, especially action figures and his LEGOs. He really enjoys going to the park, where he can run and play; but he also delights in going to the mall. Like many other children, he enjoys watching his favorite show ‘Rabbids Invasion’ and other cartoons on TV. He loves to read small books that have a lot of big pictures inside of them. He has a good appetite and enjoys eating just about anything he is served for his meals, like beef, chicken, rice, potatoes, hamburgers and pasta, but his favorite is pizza.

Felipe does well in school and feels very proud that he is in the school band playing the trombone. He reportedly practices it at home every day. He receives assistance in academic subjects and also services to learn appropriate social skills, adaptive skills and relationship skills. He is reportedly making steady progress in all areas. Felipe dreams of becoming a firefighter when he grows up.

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