Project Description

Franciene – Age 14

Meet fantastic Franciene, a youth with a pleasant personality and a calm nature. She enjoys playing volleyball, surfing the internet, and spending time with her cousins. Franciene has made significant improvements with her social skills and gets along with her peers. She has learned that keeping her room clean and tidy is not that difficult and that volunteering to help out around the house is something that everyone should do. And when it comes to food, some of Franciene’s favorites include Mexican pozole and Italian food like pasta alfredo.

Franciene is doing well in school, and her favorite subject is Math. She just started to explore wearing makeup and likes to practice applying it at home to achieve the best look possible without using too much. Franciene loves animals and has decided that she would like to be a veterinarian one day to help make them healthy when they’re sick. Franciene dreams of getting up close with dolphins and swimming with and taking care of them.

Franciene is open to any constellation as far as an adoptive family. If someone within the family shares her love of animals and would be into volunteer opportunities working with animals, that would be icing on the cake. Franciene hopes to maintain a relationship with some of her biological relatives. If you feel like Franciene could be a good fit with your family, say something – we want to get the communication flowing between Franciene and her future adoptive family!

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