Project Description

Gabriella – Age 17

Gabriella is looking for a Host and Adoptive Family.

Gabriella, also known as Gabby, delights everyone who comes into contact with her. Words used to describe Gabriella include funny, dedicated, and kind. She lives up to them, too! Gabriella is a kind-hearted soul and sensitive to others who are in need.

Gabriella loves to laugh and make others laugh with a silly joke. In her free time, she enjoys watching comedy TV shows. Her current favorite is a true classic: The Simpsons!

Gabriella is very bright and does well academically. She has her sights set on going to college. While she hasn’t yet decided on a major, she’s interested in technology or humanities. She’s determined to keep her grades average in hopes of getting a scholarship to a college of her choice. With these outstanding qualities, Gabriella would be a great addition to any family!

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