Project Description

Giovanna – Age 15

Giovanna is in a Potential Adoptive Match.

Giovanna is an intelligent and strong-willed 15-year-old. She has an excellent sense of humor and loves to laugh and crack jokes with her friends. Her fun side doesn’t keep her from standing up for what’s right! Giovanna never hesitates to protect those in need and advocate for herself and others.

Giovanna is often described as friendly, resourceful, insightful, social, self-sufficient, and resilient. Her loving and gentle nature makes her easy to get along with. She is close with her older brother and wants to maintain a relationship with him after she is adopted.

When Giovanna needs some self-care time, she turns to the arts. She loves candles, arts and crafts, drawing, dancing, and singing.  She’s looking for a family with which she can dance through life!

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