Project Description

Grace and Cory – Ages 13 & 12

Grace and Cory have found a Winter Host.

Grace is an extroverted and friendly 13-year-old girl who enjoys doing outdoor activities and going to the movie theater. She is easily adaptable to new environments and has no trouble making new friends. Grace is a happy, cheerful kid who likes physical affection and is very caring. She is a responsible student and enjoys her classes. She wants to be part of a family that will love and protect her and her brother Cory.

Cory is a respectful 12-year-old boy. As well as his sister, Cory enjoys spending time with his friends and is very sociable. He is usually the leader of the group! His favorite foods are popcorn, rice with chicken, and salads. Cory says that his dream is to improve in his academics so that he can go to college. He enjoys playing soccer and being outdoors. He would love to have a forever family alongside her sister.

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