Project Description

Heron – Age 12

Heron has a Host Family.

Heron is is a sweet and kind 12-year-old boy. He is shy and reserved, but can become quite talkative once he gets to know you! He loves sports and dreams of being a professional soccer player. He is always rooting for his favorite soccer team and wants a family who can cheer him on!

Heron can be found at the pool, at the park, or running around at summer camp. He has a beautiful smile that lights up any room. His ambitions include being a professional soccer player or even fighting bad guys as a policeman! He is active and energetic and dreams of continuing to play sports.

Heron loves action packed super-hero movies, and playing video games. If he could go anywhere, he would go to New York City and do some sightseeing. He would also love to check out the Dodgers Stadium and maybe even go for a game!


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