Project Description

Historia – Age 15

Historia is in a potential adoptive match.

Historia, age 15, is looking for a family who will accept her as she is. She has indicated that she would love to be in a household with “feminine energy” as she would like a female role model. Historia would also love a family with pets.

Historia’s interests are varied and include reading, photography, songwriting, and gardening. She also enjoys listening to music, gaming, and creating art. Further, not only is she creative, Historia is a go-getter. After taking photography classes during the summer, she started and now runs, the photography club at her school. Her favorite photos to take are portraits or landscape photography.

More evidence of Historia’s self-advocacy is that she applied to attend the Grammy’s and was accepted out of hundreds of youth applying to attend. She stated only 20 were selected based on their submission of 2 songs she wrote that were, according to her, about issues close to her heart.