Project Description

Hudson – Age 14

Hudson is an expressive 14-year-old boy and is currently in 5th grade. He feels anxious when thinking about his future and the steps he needs to take to accomplish his dream of being a soccer player or DJ. He feels sad when he sees someone suffering and happy when he and other people achieve their dreams. Hudson’s favorite foods are rice, beans, salads, and fish, and his least favorite are soups, potatoes, eggs, meat, and chicken.

This active boy engages in soccer, ping pong, basketball, and baseball in his free time! He usually picks black, white, blue, or grey sportswear when choosing his outfits, and he has a special connection with music, being skilled at playing the drums and reading books.

Hudson is open to all types of families, and he would be thrilled to be part of a forever family that can listen to him, guide him, and give him the love and respect he deserves.

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