Project Description

Isaac – Age 11

Isaac has a potential adoptive match.

Isaac has a heart of gold. A friendly, outgoing 11 year old, that loves to play with other children and show affection to people who care about him. His hobbies include: the movies, long walks with his caregiver and the family dog, basketball, sports, did I mention basketball? He also enjoys drawing and playing video games in his downtime, like many kids his age. Isaac is organized, keeping his room tidy. He loves food, and occasionally he gets a craving for some Chinese food and hamburgers. His favorite snack is chips with VERY spicy salsa.
At times, Isaac can be very persistent about something he wants, but is also receptive to redirection. He is getting assistance in school with his speech and academics currently and is making progress in both. He loves going to school and playing with his friends during lunch time. He is learning to respect personal boundaries, such as showing affection, like a hug, to people that know him well.

He hopes that there are younger children to play with in his forever family.

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