Project Description

Izzy – Age 12

Izzy is a widely affectionate and empathic 12-year-old girl. She is calm and easygoing, and due to her extroverted nature, she gets along with everyone. Despite her young age, Izzy is characterized as very independent and mature; the adults in her life love her. This cheerful, spontaneous, loving, and friendly girl steals the hearts of everyone she meets.

Izzy is motivated academically; she likes to see when she improves in each subject and is always trying her best. She has a particular interest in art class, where she draws, paints, and does arts and crafts. This girl loves puzzles, playing basketball, and going to the pool. She also likes music and is enthusiastic about dancing. As you can see, this is a child with various interests!

Her favorite colors are hot pink, baby pink, and beige. She knows how to incorporate these colors into her style, and she likes to get dolled up. She also likes animals, especially dogs, and dreams of being a veterinarian in the future.

Izzy has expressed her desire to find a forever family that gives her love and affection! She is particularly interested in having a father, mother, and siblings of the same age or younger.

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